About Me

Hello, world. My name is Daniel Wolkoff. I am an aspiring writer and animal lover. I graduate from college next week, and I am looking forward to stepping out into the real world, and getting some real work experience and money. I live with my beautiful girlfriend, Ashley, whom I love very, very much with all of my heart. I wish to someday have several books of short stories and poetry published. The sweet, adorable dog that you see in the photo above you is the one and only Molly. I got Molly at the local SPCA in 2002, back when I was just 14. She is a more than a dog or a pet. She is a part of the family, a sweet heart, a happy face. Animals are not just animals, they are living, breathing examples of wonderment.


5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. I finished Mighty Alpha and half of Oh, Albino […].

  2. I finished all of them.

  3. Grandma Says:

    Dan, Thanks for sharing your web page and your very GOOD poetry! I have not read your poetry since you were very young, I enjoyed all of them.
    Favorites were:Dangerously Speedy, Mighty Alpha and Waddling Gentleman

    You painted great pictures.

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