Mighty Alpha


Mighty Alpha, strong and proud.

Always looking out for your family. Loyal and kind,

You lead your pack with dignity.

On the snow covered ground, you walk,





Soon enough,

you find what you have been looking for.

A bison walking, with a limp,

 Its days, numbered

You signal to the pack, before charging at the bison,

Head on, and alone.


With swiftness and strength,

You wrap your fearsome fangs around its neck,

Clamping down hard; There is no mercy in your eyes.

You taste blood in your mouth, as the bison bleeds from its throat.

Then, growling, as the rest of your pack attacks from the side,

Flanking it.


It ends as quickly as it began.

The bison is dead. You have done your job once more.

Your pack has a meal to eat, which you have provided.

After you and your pack are done eating,

You lead them to a ledge. It was already cold, now, it is dark as well.

The only source of light is the full moon, pale and beautiful.


 You stare at the magnificent glowing orb,

Taking in the entirety of its splendor.

You tilt your head upward,

Slowly, steadily.

You howl at the moon,

Poignantly, poetically.

Soon, the rest of your pack joins in.


A cacophony of brilliance,

A chorus of wonderment,

It is an amazing event to behold.


Mighty Alpha.


One Response to “Mighty Alpha”

  1. Grandma Says:


    A lovely poem, reminds me of Yellowstone. Just need a correction on line:” After you & your pack,” next word is and, I think it should be “are”

    Where did you get the pictures? They are great!!

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