Oh, Albino Alligator


Oh, Albino Alligator,

You are truly unique.



Though you are indeed lovely,

From the very beginning,

Your life is quite tumultuous.


As soon as you are born,

You face many hardships.

Turtles, Crabs, Heron, Monitor Lizards,

All of these are a major threat to your existence,

Seeking to consume and devour you.


You even face attacks from others of your kind.


It is hard for most baby alligators, like yourself.

However, it is even more difficult for you.

You are an albino alligator,

Sticking out like a sore thumb.

Your alabaster scales, marble white,

Glistening against the Florida sun,

An all too easy target.


If you manage to survive long enough, though,

Then, you can turn the tables.

While you were once small and fragile,

Now, you are large, ferocious, powerful.

You are an armored tank.


With such power in your claws and jaws,

Such destruction at your disposal,

You can now take revenge on your enemies.



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