The Great Woolly

You crawl upon the ground,

Slowly, but with purpose.

Small and banded, black and brown,

Your multiple legs guide you.

Fuzzy, furry, and so cool,

You are the great woolly.


When you are frightened,

Threatened with danger,

You curl up,

A ball of black and brown.


When you are in a hurry,

You crawl along rapidly,

Moving faster,

To get where you want to go,

Though you seem a bit slow.


When you have eaten your fill,

And the time is right,

You spin yourself a silken case.

Wrapped up tightly in your cocoon,

You begin to change.


After a while, you emerge.

Now, you are Isabella Tiger.

Yellow, and beautiful.



One Response to “The Great Woolly”

  1. Grandma Says:

    How lovely!

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