The Mantis Stalks


Predatory Insect,

You are nimble and purposeful.

You stand completely still,

Beautiful, and yet,

So deadly.


You stand still and wait,

For your prey will come to you.

Insects, lizards, birds, frogs, fish,

Even snakes and rodents.

None are safe from your grasp.


As you, the mantis, stalks its prey,

Never batting an eye,

Never losing your cool,

A shiver is sent down my spine.

You are a perfect killer.


With scythe like arms,

And calculating eyes,

So cold,

A picture of death comes to mind,

The green reaper, hard at work.


A cricket comes too close,

And you lash out fiercely.

Ambushing it from behind,

The cricket never saw you coming.

You devour it in a manner of minutes.


Nimble and purposeful,

You stand completely still,

As you, the mantis, stalks its prey.

You are deadly, and yet,

So beautiful.


Photo by Bob Jensen. Printed with permission.


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