Waddling Gentleman


White shirt and black sleeves,

A natural tuxedo of sleek feathers.

Tightly packed, and water resistant.

Northern Rockhopper,

You are indeed,

A veritable gentleman.


Walking to the edge of the ocean,

Your trademark walk,

The sideways waltz.


You are suave,




You are a Waddling Gentleman.


Contrasting with your reserved body,

Is your wild hair,

Bright and yellow,

And all over the place.

It is the very essence of rebellion.


My red eyed friend,

As you feed on krill and squid,

And other fish,


Remember this.

You are unique.


With your feather tuxedo,

That wild hair,

And those red eyes,


You are the Waddling Gentleman.



One Response to “Waddling Gentleman”

  1. Grandma Says:

    I want to meet him!

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